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Behavior Ring

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The behavior ring includes 12 4"x4" picture cards including common positive behaviors.  The picture cards come on a metal ring to keep the cards together and they are easily attachable to a lanyard if wanted.  The behavior cards are used to eliminate negative behaviors (i.e. throwing, biting, screaming, running) by replacing the behavior with an action that is more appropriate (i.e. hands down, nice mouth, quiet, walk).  The behavior cards eliminate the need to constantly verbally redirect negative behaviors, by giving the child a visual depiction of what is expected and an appropriate action to replace the less desired action. 

The picture cards are made with a plastic material which makes the cards durable, water proof, and can be wiped down time and time again. A VELCRO® dot is placed on the back making the picture cards compatible with all of our boards.

 This set includes:

Sit DownStand UpQuietHands DownNice Hands
WalkStopPick it UpNice MouthCalm Body
Stay SeatedFinish Work