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Morning/Night Routine Collection

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The routine collection includes 23 2"x2" picture cards including morning and night time routines. Be sure to order the step-by-step board to go along with the routine collection.

The picture cards are made with a plastic material which makes the cards durable, water proof, and can be wiped down time and time again. A VELCRO® dot is placed on the back making the picture cards compatible with all of our boards.

This set includes:

Wake Up

Take Shower

Eat Breakfast

Brush Teeth

Brush Hair

Get Dressed

Get Bookbag

Get Lunchbox

Get on Bus

Get in Car

Go to School

Take Bath

Read Book

Get in Bed

Put on Pajamas

Floss Teeth Go to Bathroom Do Homework Eat Dinner Wash Hands
Take Medicine Free Choice Watch T.V.