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Introducing the Social Communication Interactive Tool Kit (The SKIT Kit).  Designed by Amy Laurent and Emily Rubin in collaboration with LM Speech.  The SKIT Kit is comprised of 5 unique, visual tools that support successful social interactions, effective emotional regulation, and engaging play for individuals with a wide range of communication abilities.  The SKIT kit’s durable construction make it ideal for consistent use in home, school, and community.
SKIT Kit includes:
1. Play Web - organizes creative, imaginative play for children at the emerging language stage of development. Play webs offer visual choices of ways to engage with the toys.  Each play suggestion is represented in simple verb-object phrases.
2. Person-focused Request board - designed to help the child focus not just on the object of their interest, but also on the person from whom they are making the request. This support is designed to be customized with a photo of the child’s communicative partner in the red box of each simple sentence.
3. Green/Red Within Task Schedule - The Green/Red Within Task Schedule provides step-by-step information for a given activity in order to predict the structure of the activities, as well as comprehend routines.. 
4. Volume Meter - designed to be used with students who have difficulty adjusting their voice volume to match the social expectation of the environment that they are in.
5. Emotional Regulation Cards (6) - designed to help the child respond appropriately to a variety of emotions by choosing from 4 options listed on the back of each card.